What an Amazon Delivery Person Did Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

CREDIT: Screen capture from tweet by CBS News

CREDIT: Screen capture from tweet by CBS News


With so much bad news and so much conflict surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, sometimes it’s easy to forget those on the margins just doing the best the can to keep this country moving forward. Those that ring you up at the grocery story, deliver your packages, or keep the electrical grid going aren’t often talked about because the news media would rather obsessively focus on Washington palace intrigue.

But real people are out there doing real jobs to ensure all of us have what we need. One woman, who works for Amazon as a delivery driver, recently gave us a reminder of that by illustrating the the kindness people can show to one another, even if they are strangers.

If you can’t watch the video, the driver stops and bows their head, praying for about 20 seconds for the little boy who was sick inside. She then finishes and darts back to her truck to make the next delivery. Clearly on a tight schedule, wearing her mask and likely with a million other things to worry about, the driver still took the time to do something so kind for someone she may have never even interacted with.

We need more of this. The online culture where we always assume the worst of everyone, mobbing those who make the slightest mistakes, isn’t healthy. People caring about people is a far more sustainable environment than what we currently have.

While there’ll no doubt be some new happening that makes you question everything sometime today, let this video remind you that we are more than politics and grievances.


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