Undercover Huber Lays Out New Details of Mueller Investigation Corruption

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Former special counsel Robert Mueller listens to committee members give their opening remarks before he testifies before the House Intelligence Committee hearing on his report on Russian election interference, on Capitol Hill, in Washington, Wednesday, July 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


The more you dig into the behavior of Robert Mueller and his team, the more obvious it is that they weren’t unbiased, dogged public servants. They were political hacks pursuing a political goal. For years people pointed out (and were ignored) that Mueller managed to hire nearly all Democrat ideologues onto his team. To pretend that didn’t make a difference was always idiotic, yet that was the narrative because to question Mueller was akin spitting on your grandmother’s grave.

But once the actual Mueller report came out, it was obvious that he and his team had nothing but wanted to kneecap Trump in the process. The collusion portion was full of nothingness, but the obstruction portion was a laying out of “evidence,” none of which was compelling enough to charge a crime, but more than enough for the media to run wild with. It was essentially a roadmap to impeachment, though the Democrats found something else they felt more confident in with the Ukraine farce.

As we continue to look back though, things get more and more damning. Undercover Huber has a new thread out detailing what he sees as blatant corruption by the Mueller team in some of their charging decisions, including how they went after George Papadopoulos. The thread is extraordinary detailed and long (and contains a few minor errors according to our own Shipwreckedcrew). But his overall conclusions are sound.


Clinesmith is the FBI lawyer who was fingered by IG Horowitz to have knowingly falsified information in the Carter Page FISA requests. He also destroyed documents that were government property. His punishment? Absolutely nothing. Not yet anyway, as the current DOJ has not brought any charges.

The disgusting reality of this is that a prosecutor, who knew he broke the law in multiple instances, railroaded Papadopoulos and attempted to put him behind bars. In the end, more recently released transcripts showed that Papadopoulos not only didn’t seek to collude with the Russians, he rebuffed the request, which was almost certainly put before him at the FBI’s request anyway. The supposed “lie” was him mixing up a date. That was then used to press him into a guilty plea. There was no intent to lie or obstruct justice by Papadopoulos. It was all nonsense.


Bill Barr and his handpicked prosecutor are on deck. They can step up and hit a home run or strike out swinging, but they have to take the bat off their shoulder here. There’s noway Clinesmith, among many others, can just be left to skate without even an attempt at holding them accountable. The DOJ’s credibility is already hanging by a thread with a large portion of the public. Our justice system is supposed to be blind and right now, it’s clearly not. That can be rectified, but it’s going to take guts and ignoring the outcry of the media.

Hopefully, Barr is up for the task.



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