Kayleigh McEnany Nails Susan Rice for Lying and the Media for Obfuscating

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White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany speaks during a press briefing at the White House, Friday, May 1, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)



My word, Kayleigh McEnany is good at her job. How she wasn’t hired sooner, I’m not sure.

With news breaking earlier today that Susan Rice was caught red-handed lying about her knowledge of the Flynn case, the press did their usual obfuscation attempt. Instead of asking questions pertinent to what is a major scandal, Rice was brought up in terms of her recent criticism of the administration, as if she’s an unbiased source of information or something.

McEnany was having none of it and quickly flipped the script.

McEnany expertly lays out the case, showing that Rice lied through her teeth in 2017 when she claimed to “know nothing” about the Flynn unmaskings. As a recently declassified email shows, not only did she know about them, she was present in the meeting with Barack Obama that centered on the issue. Rice, among others (including James Comey), were intimately involved in targeting Flynn without any actual evidence to do so.


The press secretary also noted how bizarre it was for Rice to write that email in the first place. Who puts “by the book” in quotes three times while talking to one’s self in what is an obvious white wash attempt of the meeting? Everything in the email was clearly meant to shield Obama and shift blame to Comey. It’s so  obvious that it’s a wonder she thought it was a good idea to even write it in the first place.

But the media have shown no curiosity whatsoever, instead claiming that suspicions surrounding the Obama administration’s actions toward Flynn are just conspiracy theories. That’s nonsense and they know it. The real reason they are obfuscating here is because they don’t like the political ramifications of the truth.


There’s no doubt that Rice is a liar that has repeatedly mislead the American people in order to protect herself and the former president. There’s also no doubt at this point that they knew exactly what they were doing when they sent the FBI/DOJ after Flynn. No one hated the then incoming NSA more than Barack Obama. Wild tails of Russian collusion presented the excuse to break the rules and possibly the law.

McEnany was well-versed in the timeline and ready when the topic came up. You’d think these journalists would adapt, but they keep walking right into her buzzsaw. Perhaps they aren’t as smart as they think?



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