Media Move to Outright Destroy Tara Reade In Attempt to Protect Joe Biden

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In this April 4, 2019, photo Tara Reade poses for a photo during an interview with The Associated Press in Nevada City, Calif. (AP Photo/Donald Thompson)



Tara Reade has to feel blind-sided right now. She came forward alleging sexual assault against Joe Biden in a time that is supposed to treat her with kid gloves. Since the #metoo movement exploded several years ago, that’s been exactly how it’s gone for nearly everyone that’s come forward.

Christine Blasey Ford was diefied during the Kavanaugh hearings. Any questioning of her past, her weird ticks, or even some of her obvious lies were quickly pronounced off limits. Republicans, while they didn’t back down in supporting Kavanaugh, walked on egg shells throughout the ordeal. I can’t tell you how sick I was of hearing from some on the right that Ford was “credible.”

But Reade has gotten none of that treatment. She made the mistake of assuming that the left held consistent standards on sexual assault and now she’s learning how wrong she was.

Take this latest from Politico.


The gloves are officially off. This isn’t just a story questioning her story. It’s an outright hit piece trying to paint Reade as a scam artist because she was once poor and couldn’t make her rent. It’s an astonishing reversal from the lack of vetting done to Ford.

Drew Holden put together a shot and chaser thread showing just how ridiculous the comparisons look when placed next to each other.

There was never any doubt Biden would get away with this, not because he’s innocent, but because of who he is and what party he belongs to. The media were always going to circle the wagons and protect him.


For my part, I don’t know if he assaulted Reade or not. Her story certainly has far more evidence behind it proving she was at least sexually harassed than Ford ever had, but there’s still no absolute proof. But that largely misses the point. The bigger issue here is the double standard which continues to permeate our politics. Those double standards only exist because Republicans allow them to exist. On that note, there are rumblings right now that the opposition file on Ford is going to be released given the treatment of Reade. That’s absolutely the right move. Make Democrats look their hypocrisy in the face and try to explain why they find that objectionable even as they try to destroy Reade.

It’s long past time to play some hardball.



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