James Clapper Gives Bizarre Interview, Signal Cuts out When Pressed on Illegal Leaks

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FILE – In this Monday, May 8, 2017, file photo, former National Intelligence Director James Clapper testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. Two former top intelligence officials are harshly criticizing President Donald Trump for not standing up to Russia for meddling in the presidential election. Clapper wonders aloud whether the president’s real aim is to make “Russia Great Again.” (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)


Former DNI and noted perjurer James Clapper appeared on CNN today. It went about as well as you’d expect, with Clapper giving bizarre answers that make no sense and/or that undercut his previous statements. There was also a point where his signal “cut out” after being asked the most important question of the interview.

Clapper was once again forced to admit he found no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. He also addressed the Flynn unmasking issue.

Notice the coy language being employed. He insinuates that someone may have made the unmasking requests on “his behalf.” That’s his attempt to leave an out if things go really wrong for him in the future. He wants to be able to blame some poor staffer for something he almost certainly did himself. The idea that Clapper, being in the position he was in, wasn’t directly aware of everything going on with Flynn is ridiculous on its face.

On the topic of Trump-Russia collusion, Clapper’s answer is a far cry from the insinuations and commentary he’s offered on CNN over the last several years. Time and again, he’s hinted at major crimes being committed and treasonous activity by Trump and his campaign. When the cameras were off and he was under oath though, a different story was told. The fact that he hasn’t been pressed on that is a pretty big failure on the part of the “journalists” who’ve interacted with him lately.


Later in the interview, Clapper was pressed about the illegal leak of the Flynn information to the media. That’s when his signal mysteriously cut out.

Clapper did eventually return, perhaps with time to think about how he’d answer the question. He denied any involvement.

Further, Clapper’s answer on the unmasking made no sense. He claims it was “routine,” yet he can’t recall doing it, nor the reason he did it. Does that make sense to anyone?

All of these Obama officials are obviously lying. They knew exactly what was happening and exactly what they were trying to accomplish. We saw evidence of that in the later actions of the FBI, where they admitted to wanting to get Michael Flynn fired. Barack Obama pushed the investigation that led to those actions, resurrecting it from non-viable status, and everyone around him assisted. This is a scandal far bigger than Watergate could have dreamed of being and it was all run from the White House.


I’ll end by pointing out how absurd it is to have James Clapper, the man near the center of this entire scandal, on a news network posing as a “security analyst” just giving the facts. It’s hilariously shameless of CNN to allow that to happen, though not surprising.



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