CBS Journalist Who Made "Kung Flu" Claim Cries Racism a Third Time

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CBS News’ Weijia Jiang is at it again.

You may recall her from previous accusations that a “White House official” said the phrase “kung-flu” to her face. After months, she’s yet to even offer a name for who supposedly did it, instead relying on innuendo and the implicitness of her media colleagues.


Over the course of the Wuhan virus crisis, Jiang has made a series of racially charged allegations, leaning into the fact that she was born in China to perpetuate certain claims.

Here she is back in March insinuating that something that’s not racist at all is somehow racist.

That one tweet tells you all you need to know about Jiang. She’s the type of person that sees racism around every corner if it suits her narrative. Unsurprisingly, anything that snipes at the White House suits her narrative.

She’s now crying foul again. In a presser yesterday, she asked a loaded (and largely incoherent question) and didn’t get an answer she liked.

If you can make sense of that question, congrats. I’m not sure how citing global testing numbers to provide important context connects with people dying in the United States. Is there some disease where people keel over if Trump mentions we have greatly expanded testing capacity compared to the rest of the world? But her insinuation was clear. Trump doesn’t care about people dying because he dared to defend his response to the virus and point out we’ve done more tests than anyone. I know, that makes no sense, but these mainstream journalists often don’t.


Trump’s answer was quick and to the point. He told her to go “ask China” in regards to why everyday Americans are still dying. That’s the correct answer, as the communist country lied about, mishandled, and unleashed this pandemic on the world.

That greatly offended Jiang though. She was born in China and wears it on her sleeve constantly. Trump has responded to reporters with some version of “ask China” many times throughout these different pressers, yet when he says it to Jiang, it must be racist.

Here’s the problem with Jiang. It’s not that she’s Asian. It’s that she’s went out of her way for months to distract from the real issues, crying racism anytime someone points the finger at China. The fact that she was born there does not give her a shield from criticism of her behavior. Trump was obviously making a quip that he’s made many times to plenty of white reporters. It wasn’t racist and it was a reasonable answer to her question.


Even her response is nonsensical. She immediately asks why he’s saying that to her “specifically.” Well, she asked the question. That’s typically how questions and answers work.

If Jiang can’t handle such a simple back and forth, she needs to find another job.


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