DOJ Responds to Lisa Page Lawsuit With All the Respect It Deserves

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin


It’s largely gotten lost in the shuffle of news surrounding the Department of Justice lately, but Lisa Page is still suing the DOJ over the release of text messages between herself and Peter Strzok.

Those messages showed rank bias, including a stated willingness to act corruptly in their dealings with Donald Trump. Their public release helped kickstart the investigation into how the DOJ handled the Trump-Russia investigation at the time.

Now, the DOJ has responded to her lawsuit and it’s pretty brutal.

Of course, a filing hardly means the case goes away, but it appears the DOJ is fairly confident that Page’s claims are frivolous. On the surface, that certainly appears to be true.

The messages were sent over government devices, which makes it fairly certain that the DOJ retains control over them. Further, it was vitally important that the public be privy to what were essentially government documents at that point. To withhold those text messages any longer would have done profound damage to whatever credibility the DOJ retained at the time. Any argument that the release was simply to embarrass Page falls flat rather quickly given the implications of the text messages.

My suspicion is that these lawsuits are all part of a common strategy to stay on offense. If Page can keep the DOJ tied up in civil litigation, it makes it harder for them to file criminal charges down the road if John Durham finds she broke the law in anyway, at least from a PR standpoint. This was the same move Andrew McCabe played, where upon his firing, he immediately sued despite clearly having no case.

Regardless, the lack of shame it takes to do what Page did and then turn around sue after getting caught is pretty incredible. She had a chance to fade into the background. Instead, she’s chosen to make snarky comments on Twitter and show no remorse whatsoever. It just goes to show how deeply corrupt these people were.