Transcripts Show Either Andrew McCabe or James Clapper Lied About Obama-Flynn Briefing

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FILE – In this Monday, May 8, 2017, file photo, former National Intelligence Director James Clapper testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. Two former top intelligence officials are harshly criticizing President Donald Trump for not standing up to Russia for meddling in the presidential election. Clapper wonders aloud whether the president’s real aim is to make “Russia Great Again.” (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)


What a tangled web they weave.

The newly released transcripts of the House Russia investigation, which were long covered up by Rep. Adam Schiff, have been a gold mine of information so far. We’ve seen stunning revelations, such as the fact that Schiff has been lying for years about those interviews containing “non-circumstantial” evidence of collusion. We’ve also seen admissions from many former Obama officials that they helped propagate a witch hunt based on nothing whatsoever.

Now, several other passages are being examined which appear to clearly show that either Andrew McCabe or James Clapper lied about who briefed Obama about the Flynn phone call.

My suspicion is that Clapper is the one lying here. It makes the most sense, as he appears to be trying to protect Barack Obama. By saying no, he puts a wall up between this issue and the former President, shielding him from questions about his knowledge and any actions he took to push the issue.

We also know via these transcripts that Obama was indeed briefed on the call, and there’s no chance Clapper wouldn’t have been involved in that. You have to remember that these transcripts are from years ago. At the time, Clapper likely thought he could get away with lying, which also ties into him claiming Bob Litt told him and not James Comey. If he would have said Comey, it would have thrown up all kinds of red flags, as the former FBI Director was under immense scrutiny by the minority on the committee at the time. By saying Litt, Clapper gives the most ho-hum answer to the question.


McCabe’s answers seem to be admitting that the Comey-Clapper-Obama line of information existed. That also makes sense, as you’d expect McCabe to pass the buck in that situation, especially when he was possibly going to be indicted at the time he wrote that passage.

In short, it appears fairly certain that James Clapper lied under oath here. Perhaps this is one of the strings Bill Barr will pull on as far as criminal indictments go stemming from the Durham investigation? I still have my doubts anyone will pay a price, but there’s definitely something here to pursue.



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