Report: A Surprising Figure Is Now Going Under the Microscope Over the Michael Flynn Ordeal

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I didn’t expect to see H.R. McMaster’s name come up in regards to the Michael Flynn saga, which has now ended with all charges being dropped, but here we are.


Adam Housley is reporting that the man who replaced Flynn at NSA is now coming under scrutiny.

This tweet is obviously really short on details, but it actually makes a lot of sense when you go back to 2017 and review how everything went down. Upon Flynn’s firing, McMaster came into the role and absolutely cleaned house. He notably promoted several anti-Trump figures in his office, a point of contention that festered until his resignation.

McMaster also played right into the Trump-Russia investigation, refusing to tell the President he was a target.

Further, there’s the matter of Ezra Cohen-Watnick, who blew the whistle on all the unmaskings that took place during the latter months of the Obama administration. McMaster attempted to fire him but Trump blocked the move initially. Who did McMaster want to replace him with? A Democrat flack who authored the Benghazi talking points that caused so much controversy during that period. McMaster eventually got his way and got rid of Cohen-Watnick.


As it pertains to Flynn, there’s no doubt McMaster was well aware of everything that had been done. There’s also no doubt that he was read into all the corruption that occurred involving the FBI and the Page FISA warrants. The entire reason Flynn was targeted was almost certainly because he would have discovered that information. McMaster sat on it, though, perhaps even aiding the cover-up.

Given all that, it makes perfect sense that he’s being investigated at this point. We’ll see where this goes.



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