Mike Pompeo Finally Says the Quiet Part Out Loud and Obama Bros Can't Deal

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo finally said the quiet part out loud yesterday.

He went right at China, accusing them of propagating past outbreaks and running substandard labs that are prone to accidents. He also pointed out that China continues its secrecy and obfuscation, disallowing outside help that could possibly lead to a vaccine or treatments being created sooner. For all the details on Pompeo’s interview, read Pompeo: “There’s Enormous Evidence” That Coronavirus Originated in Wuhan Lab.


Nothing Pompeo says there is untrue. Given how China has behaved, it’s more important than ever that we have public officials willing to hold China to account. On that front, even Trump has waffled (he’s hinted at intel but also obfuscated from criticizing Xi directly), so it’s good to see the Secretary of State say what we are all thinking.

But that’s apparently really bad according to some former Obama officials.

Notice the racism innate in their attempts to be woke. Not all Asians are Chinese, nor do they not consider themselves in solidarity with the CCP because they are Asian. Why would criticizing China promote bigotry among others? The simple answer is that it doesn’t. Yet, every time someone tries to stand up to wrongdoers in the world, we get sniping from the Obama bro clan about bigotry, racism, and supposedly starting wars. Remember when WWIII was a foregone conclusion at the beginning of the year?


What we are witnessing is the extent of the expertise actually held by most of the advisors who surrounded Barack Obama. Is it any wonder his foreign policy was such a disaster? Further, we are seeing what we have to look forward to if Joe Biden is not defeated. These same know-nothings will be right back in the power if Trump is defeated, and they’ll go right back to setting the Middle East on fire and shilling for countries like Iran and China.

There’s a reason why China obviously prefers Biden. They know the free ride is ending if Trump remains in office. They also know that the status quo awaits if Biden wins. That reality should be a chief part of Trump’s re-election campaign. After being on the receiving end of years of being painted as a Russian asset, it’s time to turn the tables. Why is Hunter Biden making millions in China, still sitting on the board of a state influenced company? Why has Joe Biden spent most of his career apologizing for the communists and trashing anyone who pushes back on them? These are questions that need to be poised often over the next several months.


These people and their awful decision making can not be allowed to retake the White House. It would be a disaster of epic proportions.



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