The NYT Tries to Throw the DNC a Bone Over Tara Reade Allegation, Gets an Answer They Didn't Expect

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden listens with senior adviser Symone Sanders speaks during a campaign event, Monday, Jan. 27, 2020, in Iowa City, Iowa. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)


Watching a biased news organization try to save Joe Biden’s bacon, only to still get rebuffed, is always an enjoyable situation.

Today, the New York Times released an editorial calling on the DNC to appoint an “apolitical” panel to investigate the sexual assault allegation made against Joe Biden. The reasoning behind such a call is obvious. The Times wants the media to be relieved of the duty of actually doing their jobs, instead allowing a political entity to “clear” themselves.

Try to imagine if this were a Republican. Would the Times be saying “Welp, not really our job” and urging the RNC to do an investigation instead? Of course they wouldn’t, because that’s absolutely absurd. The idea that any deep dive done by the DNC in this case would be anything but a whitewash is laughable. I mean, what exactly does the media exist for at this point?


But the Times is so desperate to save Joe Biden that they’ll send the Democrats a starter pack for a narrative the “paper of record” will then gladly push for them. I can just see the “Biden Cleared of Wrongdoing” headlines now.

But what the Times probably didn’t expect was to have their very generous suggestion rejected.

The shot and chaser there is just a bonus, but the latter tweet shows the DNC calling the Times’ suggestion of a DNC investigation “absurd on its face.” That’s actually true. It is indeed absurd to suggest that the DNC investigate its own nominee. Yet, the Democrats are so arrogant that they can deny such a request, obviously meant to help them make the whole thing go away, and claim the Reade allegation has already been put to bed.

I’m sure the Times thought the DNC would take them up on their offer here, come back in a week, and proclaim all is well. That’s not the answer they got, though. And you know what? The calculation being made by the DNC in rejecting it is a smart one. We all know the media will just shift gears here and still cover for Biden. Why even keep taking the field when the game is already rigged in their favor?


The truth is, until Biden releases his Senate papers stored at the University of Delaware, the suspicions will continue. The Times will do their best to tamp them down, but as long as Reade is willing to push the issue, her allegation will remain a thorn in the former VP’s side. For now, though, he and the DNC are betting this all goes away by way of the mainstream media’s bias and relentless pressure being put on Reade herself to disappear. That may be a good bet.


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