Congrats, Bernie Bros, You Got Played

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Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., participates in a Democratic presidential primary debate at CNN Studios, Sunday, March 15, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


As Joe Biden finally begins to feel the weight of the sexual assault allegation against him, one question continues to enter my mind. Where’s Bernie Sanders?

We’ve seen a sharp escalation in the amount of evidence corroborating Tara Reade’s story, including video from Larry King in 1993 and multiple people claiming they were told of the incident at the time. Mainstream media outlets are now beginning to report on the matter, not to actually find the truth or harm the former VP, but to try to get Biden to make a direct denial so they can proceed to handwave this all away. No doubt, he’ll give a statement soon. He simply can’t hide anymore.

That’s all expected behavior. What’s not expected is the great revolutionary figure that is Bernie Sanders falling off the face of the earth at the very moment the chances of reviving his campaign are strongest.

Some of his former surrogates spoke out about his muteness this week via Fox news.

Meanwhile, former Sanders senior adviser Winnie Wong criticized progressives for their “relative silence” regarding the video, and former Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign staffer Tezlyn Figaro questioned why Sanders — who has endorsed Biden — has remained quiet about the issue.

“When I look at Joe Biden and who’s holding him accountable, it’s his voters,” Figaro told “Fox & Friends” Monday, claiming that Biden’s supporters do not appear to be concerned. “But the question really is what about Bernie Sanders and the millions of millions of people that support him? Why is Bernie Sanders also quiet on this issue?”


In fact, I’d say Sanders is one of the only figures that could force Biden’s hand and possibly cause him to drop out at this point. The lack of any direct assault from an ideological ally, including the media, has protected Biden so far. But a challenge at the primary level, including fully embracing Reade herself, would likely end the Biden campaign. Sanders has the silver bullet in the chamber. Will he pull the trigger?

The answer? Of course he won’t.

Sanders is a fraud and always has been. While he may actually believe the communistic nonsense he spews, he’s a much firmer believer in enjoying his three houses and the fame he’s gained within the Democratic base. Going against the DNC right now would bring hellfire onto his head. He simply doesn’t have the courage to take that battle on, even though he’s likely to win it.


In short, congrats to the Bernie Bros. You got played. Sanders scammed you from the beginning, selling you tales of revolution and fundamental change. What he really meant is that he wanted power and a fatter paycheck, so much so that even in the midst of his opponent being accused of sexual assault, he remains silent. That’s cowardice on a level you’d only expect from a communist.



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