CNN Says China's 'Model of Control' Is Looking Increasingly Attractive, Praises Their Wuhan Virus Response

Li Xueren/Xinhua via AP
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In this photo released by Xinhua News Agency, Chinese President Xi Jinping attends the G20 Extraordinary Virtual Leaders’ Summit on COVID-19 via video link in Beijing, capital of China, March 26, 2020. Leaders of the world’s most powerful economies convened virtually on Thursday with the aim of coordinating a global response to the fast-spreading coronavirus, which has shuttered businesses and forced well over a quarter of the world’s population into home isolation. (Li Xueren/Xinhua via AP)


The Wuhan virus pandemic has been a clarifying moment in a lot of ways. On the right, it’s exposed some people who used to claim to respect constitutional rights but are apparently willing to do anything the government tells them if it makes them feel safe. In the mainstream media, it’s brought out the inner tyrant in some, with a near constant call for subservience in all situations, even when they logically don’t make sense.

If the U.S. government went full CCP tomorrow, the mainstream media would be there ready to help lock people in their homes while screaming they want grandma to die if they don’t comply. There is simply no care among most of the journalism industry for individual rights, only the collective right of a free press so they can keep operating as they wish.

Case in point, here’s CNN today actually publishing an article praising China’s communist government. Keep in mind, as far as I can tell, this is not an editorial, but an actual “hard news” piece.

It’s safe to say that China’s brand has taken a hit due to the virus. According to Pew Research, Americans’ opinion of China is at its lowest point in 15 years, and 62% of those surveyed said they viewed China’s power and influence as a “major threat.”

But for some, the Beijing model is not necessarily looking so bad. China, despite being where the virus first emerged, has coped with the ensuing pandemic far better than many other countries, even though those countries had a longer warning time and greater chance to prepare.

The crisis has also highlighted the benefits of a strong government and centralized planning, while — despite Adonis’s claims to the contrary — exposing the limitations of private industry to respond quickly, particularly in the healthcare sector.


Who are these “some he’s talking about?” He doesn’t actually say, but we all know the answer. He’s talking about himself and the media at large. They love the implications of a strong, centralized government in whatever shape it takes. As long as they’ve got their freedom of the press, they’d just assume burn the rest of the 1st Amendment to the ground.

Claims that China has coped with the virus “far better” are taking obviously false data from the communists at face value. We’ve already seen numerous pieces of evidence confirming that, yet media outlets like CNN keep pushing that narrative. Why? Because it offers a counter to attack Trump. If Barack Obama were president, they’d be bashing China relentlessly in this scenario, but in the age of the orange man, no person is too far gone to rehab if it gives them fodder. That includes brutal tyrants and their oppressive regimes.

The article goes on to cite China’s global outreach in an attempt to shame Trump for not continuing to dance to the WHO’s corrupt tune. The following is a real paragraph from the piece.

This coronavirus diplomacy is paying off. In a tweet (written in Chinese) this month, Iran’s foreign minister Javad Zarif praised Beijing for coming to his country’s aid, saying the coronavirus was “deepening the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.” Serbian President Aleksander Vucic was shown on Chinese state broadcaster CGTN kissing the country’s flag as he greeted a support team sent from Beijing. “Serbian people will never forget this kindness, China is an old friend and will continue to be for generations to come,” he said later.


Yes, China’s diplomacy is paying off because the Iranians and Serbians like them. Makes sense. How’s their diplomacy paying off for the countries that got sent defective medical supplies and tests? Further, just because China may be making moves internationally, that is not evidence they are right or just. This CNN article seems to think otherwise though, presenting those moves as proof of China’s superior political strategy.

In short, this is all real “enemy of the people” stuff. You have a legacy news outlet, one that constantly demands respect and decries criticism, publishing a full on Chinese propaganda piece with a straight face. How did something like this ever make it past an editor? Do they have no standards at all? I’m almost asking that rhetorically at this point.

We can all hope the American people see these kinds of displays for what they are and respond accordingly. While CNN may be the messenger here, the message is firmly that of the left in general, including much of the Democratic party. The 2020 election is not simply about Trump vs. Biden. It’s about the whether the core ideals of the country survive or not.



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