Bill de Blasio Threatens to Arrest Jews in Bonkers Tweet, Gets Rightly Dragged in Response

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks at the USTA Indoor Training Center where a temporary hospital will be built, Tuesday, March 31, 2020, in New York. The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people, but for some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness or death. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)


When someone continually tells you who they are, believe them.

Mayor Bill de Blasio sent out a bonkers tweet last night in which he singled out the “Jewish community” and threatened to start arresting them if they congregated. Why he felt he needed specifically to cite Jews is a bit of a mystery. Well, other than he and his city have a long history of issues with anti-Semitism I suppose.

The allusions to the rounding up of Jews in Nazi Germany are impossible to miss. In a broader sense, very few people seem to be asking whether the government, local or federal, have the legal right to arrest people for exercising their constitutional rights in the first place. Singling out the Jewish community is just an escalation of something that affects us all.

What prompted this? From the Mayor’s further posts, it appears there was a funeral that took place outdoors for a Rabbi. A crowd of people gathered in the street to show their respects and honor their traditions. From a practical standpoint, the latest science tells us that the disease essentially does not spread outdoors. Even on surfaces, it can only last a few minutes in warmer conditions and sunlight. These people were probably never safer than standing outside within a couple of feet of each other compared to most other situations.


After de Blasio tweeted his threat, people began to rightly respond.

Of course, while de Blasio felt the need to generalize the whole of Jews in New York here, he’s had no problem with others gathering in large crowds, nor he and his wife themselves breaking the rules.

The above pictures are from an event he held just three days before the tweet about the “Jewish community.” Weird, does the virus not spread outdoors when it’s for his own political photo-op?


You can bet de Blasio would never single out the “black community” or “Asian community” like this.

Americans are going to have to decide how much longer they put up with this. The goodwill based on nebulous, often unproven claims about saving lives has begun to run out. Governments all over the country are abusing people’s rights, even in instances where it’s clearly irrelevant to safety. We can push back or let this become the new normal.



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