Morning Joe Makes a Whopper of a Claim About Joe Biden and It's Part of a Bigger Ploy

AP Photo/Paul Vernon

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event in Columbus, Ohio, Tuesday, March 10, 2020. (AP Photo/Paul Vernon)


History apparently started two weeks, or at least that’s the impression you’d get if you watched MSNBC’s Morning Joe today. The supposed power duo of Mika and Joe took to the airwaves to make one of the most ridiculous, easily fact-checked claims of the year about Joe Biden and his response to the Wuhan virus.

Apparently, the former VP saw the pandemic “coming like a steamroller.”

I have no idea how someone goes on TV and makes an assertion like this. Am I a partisan? Sure, it’s right there in the name of the site. Are Joe and Mika partisans? Absolutely, even if they won’t admit it. Do partisans make mistakes while attempting to argue politics? It happens every single day in the commentariat. But there’s a difference between political spin and just outright lying. What Mika does here is the latter.

As I’ve covered several times, Joe Biden was calling the travel ban from China “hysterical xenophobia” in late January. In February, he and the Democratic party continued to hold rallies and primaries. In fact, in March, the Biden campaign was still holding rallies and encouraging people to get out and vote in public. If Biden saw this coming like a steamroller, was he purposely putting people’s lives at risk?


Biden was so on top of the Wuhan virus that he didn’t even mention it at the debate on March 15th. You’d think that if he saw it “coming like a steamroller,” it’d be the top thing on his mind and that he’d have been warning others. The obvious indication being that Biden saw absolutely nothing “coming like a steamroller.”

But this is all part of a bigger ploy. The Biden campaign, arm in arm with the media, are currently attempting rewrite history. We saw it this morning from Biden adviser Symone Sanders, who blamed Trump for the small business loan program running out of money. In her world, Pelosi blocking the bill all week wasn’t a thing that happened. It’s in this same alternate universe that Biden was really on top of the pandemic and not actually a complete know nothing until mid-March as the receipts actually show.

You can expect this kind of thing to continue as recriminations are made going into the 2020 election. In truth, it was mainstream outlets like CNN and The New York Times promoting the idea that the flu was worse than the Wuhan virus into late February. That was part of a push to accuse others of racism in relation to their caring about the dangers. Yet, those same outlets have begun to spin a narrative that it was simply Fox News and Republicans who weren’t seeing the full picture early on. All of this is building to what will be a very coordinated campaign to lie about the actual events of the last three months.


More than ever, conservative media has to continue to lead the charge to expose these attempts. Guys like Tom Elliot, who put the above clip up, are invaluable to the fight against fake news. Sites like RedState and others that get this stuff to our large audiences are playing our part as well. This kind of gaslighting is only going to get worse and we’ll be ready for it.



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