CNN Personalities Are Now Trashing Dr. Birx Because Of Course They Are

CNN continues to cover itself in glory during the current global pandemic.

Last night, Joe Lockhart, a CNN analyst, personally attacked Dr. Deborah Birx. She represents a cornerstone of the Trump administration’s Wuhan virus response and is a regular at the daily briefings, which CNN has conveniently decided to not air fully anymore.


This guy can’t even bother to spell her name right, which really shows the level of expertise he’s able to offer.

But yes, let’s compare the former Army doctor, appointed by Barack Obama to deal with AIDS, to sycophantic cultists who committed suicide because the orange man is bad.

It’s almost like the media’s consternation over “listening to the experts” was just another wedge they thought they could use against Trump. The moment those experts, with decades of non-partisan service, don’t sing the right #orangemanbad tune, people like Lockhart are ready to trash them as cultists.


Why? Because this is all political and always has been. Many of these media personalities are literally rooting for hundreds of thousands to die so Trump is defeated in November. It’s past the point of denial at this point. Their continued rhetoric spells out exactly what they are hoping for.

If CNN had an ounce of integrity, they’d take Lockhart off the air, but they won’t. They love this stuff because they love anything that snipes at Trump. That’s the only standard they attempt to live by these days.



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