CNN Claims Trump Will 'Encourage' a National Curfew, but Is It Fake News?

President Donald Trump speaks during a briefing on coronavirus in the Brady press briefing room at the White House, Saturday, March 14, 2020, in Washington, as U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson listen. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


The media continue to cover themselves in glory during the current Wuhan coronavirus crisis.

Just yesterday, a news story spread that President Trump was attempting to bribe a German pharmaceutical company in order to secure a vaccine only for the United States. That turned out to be nonsense, as the “confirmation” by the German minister in question had his statement retracted, either due to it being misinterpreted or made up (see Media Push Story that Trump Tried to Bribe German Company to Hoard Wuhan Coronavirus Vaccine).

You’d think in a time as tenuous as this, the media could forgo their anonymously sourced trash for a period of time, if for no other reason than to not cause further panic, both among people and in the economic markets. But nope, CNN is gonna keep it rolling.

Such an announcement would, of course, further depress the economic situation we are. A curfew would mean less spending and an even further escalation in the measures being taken. It would also be a questionable strategy. The disease is no more likely to spread after 10 pm, for example, than at 10 am. In theory, it’d actually be better for people to spread their shopping out, especially where 24-hour stores are available, as it will decrease the size of crowds in any given place.


For their part, the administration is pushing back on these claims.

This seems to be related as well.

If you aren’t familiar with Jim Scuitto, he’s a former Obama official turned “journalist” who’s one of the more biased CNN reporters you’ll find. The idea that someone can go from being in such a partisan position to a non-partisan observer has always been laughable, but this is CNN and all that.

Our media are just grossly irresponsible. This is a time to stop the thinly sourced, questionable stories that could have negative effects on the situation, but they can’t help themselves. They see this as a golden chance to ensure a Democratic victory in November and are going to continue to take their shots. It doesn’t matter how much they mislead or hurt those caught in the middle. It’s all about that one goal.




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