Don Lemon Goes Absolutely Insane on John Kasich for Refusing to Bash Trump's Wuhan Virus Address

Lemon and Kasich in a tense interview over Trump’s Wuhan Virus address 3/11/20

Yesterday, things escalated in regard to how the United States is handling the Wuhan virus. President Trump made an Oval Office address in which he stopped all travel to and from Europe for the next 30 days, the biggest step yet in trying to contain the current pandemic.


Given that there have been calls for drastic measures for a while now, you’d hope this would be a point where everyone could take a deep breath, realize we are all in this together, and do whatever we can to help. But CNN can’t do that because they have only one track and it’s all “orange man bad”, all the time. For example, immediately after Trump’s address, instead of dealing with the issues at hand, Jim Acosta ran to call the speech “xenophobic” because Trump dared to call the virus by its place of origin, you know, like many other viruses we call by their place of origin.

But perhaps the most insane response of the night came from Don Lemon, who absolutely lost his mind while former Ohio Gov. John Kasich attempted to offer commentary. Here’s the clip.

When I said he went insane, I meant he went insane. This is one of the most incredibly crazy performances I’ve ever seen from a supposed “news anchor” on live TV. Kasich is not a fan of President Trump and never has been. In fact, he did everything he could to stop him in 2016. To this day, Kasich has been an opponent, being a regular on cable news networks like CNN to offer criticism.

But Don Lemon can’t handle that Kasich is honest enough to not turn this very serious issue into yet another political football. The aforementioned continued that theme throughout the night. Here’s another example.


Now, we can’t even call Wuhan virus a foreign virus? Which it is?

I posit that, once again, the media are overreaching here. Much like impeachment, they had a chance to remain calm, report the facts, and perhaps sell their narrative, not that I wanted them to do that, but that it would have been more effective for their partisan goals. Instead, we are seeing this pure insanity everywhere and people are beginning to take notice.

None of this is a joke. None of it magically goes away if you destroy President Trump. Government doesn’t suddenly become an effective beast if a Democrat is in charge (quite the opposite). This stupidity needs to stop.



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