Hunter Biden Has a New Profession and The New York Times Is Ready

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)

FILE – In this Oct. 11, 2012, file photo Hunter Biden waits for the start of the his father’s, Vice President Joe Biden’s, debate at Centre College in Danville, Ky. Hunter Biden is expressing regret for being discharged from the Navy Reserve amid published reports that he tested positive for cocaine. The Wall Street Journal reports that Hunter Biden failed the drug test last year and was discharged in February. In a statement issued Thursday, Oct. 16, Biden doesn’t say why he was discharged. He says he’s embarrassed that his actions led to his discharge and that he respects the Navy’s decision.(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)


It’s good to be Democrat.

No really, I mean it. You can literally do almost anything and not only escape repercussions, the news media will rush to rehabilitate you the moment you are ready. We saw this with Katie Hill, who was brought on to CNN and ABC (among many others) to play the victim after it was revealed she had engaged staffers in sexual relationships (including a “throuple”).

Hunter Biden is no different. This is a guy who got kicked out of the Navy for drug use, was involved in all kinds of shady monetary dealings in China and Ukraine, and more recently got a stripper pregnant. He then tried to skip out on child support by claiming he had no money, something demonstrably false.

To say the younger Biden isn’t a good guy is an understatement. You’d expect that the least the media could do is ignore him, given they have no desire to actually report on his transgressions.

But nah. He’s got a new profession and The New York Times is ready with the fluff piece about it.

Here are some actual quotes pulled by Virginia Kruta (who I had the pleasure of meeting at CPAC) for her write-up on the piece.

Dressed in Oxford boots, jeans and a long sleeve T-shirt, Hunter Biden ushered a reporter down a stone walkway, into a pool house-turned-art studio in the Hollywood Hills.

It was filled with colorful works of decorative abstraction — psychedelic florals and ethereal patterns that look like nature viewed through a microscope, leaning toward the surreal. There were nearly 100 of them, all by his own hand. Some were signed RH Biden, for Robert Hunter Biden, the 50-year-old son of the former vice president.


It gets worse.

As an undiscovered artist, he is better situated than most: living in a rented, 2,000-square-foot house in the Hollywood Hills off Mulholland Drive, with a Porsche Panamera in the driveway, plenty of natural light and a pool house he has transformed into an art studio.

You can almost feel the squeeing through the screen. Also, isn’t it weird that a dude with so little money that he can’t pay child support is currently living in the Hollywood Hills with a Porsche? Seems just a wee bit off.

But the real question is just what exactly the Times is trying to do? The simple answer is that they see this as a way to help Joe Biden. By rehabilitating and normalizing Hunter’s image, they are attempting to disarm one of the most effective attacks against the former Vice President. Of course, such a strategy could backfire, as it could simply remind people of the corruption allegations hanging over the Biden family.

Regardless, the double standard is a bit much. At no point in recent memory can I recall the Times ever trying to help out a Republican accused of corruption with this kind of kid glove treatment. Further, does anyone really care that Hunter Biden is now an artist? The game being played here is just too clever by half.

If Joe Biden does pull off the Hail Mary and becomes the Democratic nominee, his son’s dealings are not going to go away. They certainly won’t be softened by this ridiculous piece from the Times.




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