Rep. Jayapal Pushes Medicare for All By Telling a Ridiculous Lie

The battle over healthcare is heating up and it’s going to be a cardinal issue in November. On the one side, you have Republicans and moderate Democrats who generally understand that blowing up the best, most innovative healthcare system in the world probably isn’t a good idea.


Then there’s the Bernie Sanders wing, who are currently salivating over a government takeover of healthcare.

Enter Rep. Jayapal, honorary member of the squad, to throw out this zinger.

Um, no, that’s not true at all.

While we can certainly argue specifics of the uninsured (most of which are uninsured by choice), the fact is that majority of Americans are satisfied with their health insurance. For example, Gallup found last year that a full 80% of people rate their healthcare as excellent.

Those stumping for Medicare for All seem to have no concept of how innovation and the market works. Yes, other countries have cheaper prescription drugs. You know who invents most of those drugs? We do. You know who comes up with most of the newest life saving procedures? We do. There is a very, very real risk of major unintended consequences by blowing up our system just to stick everyone on a government run, price controlled plan. You simply can’t turn the American system into the British NHS and expect the same outcomes to apply.

Jayapal knows she’s lying here, but she’s so married to her flawed ideology that she’s willing to just say whatever. There’s a reason Obamacare was so deeply unpopular throughout much of its early existence (like all government entitlements, opinion always shifts as dependence increases). Most people do not want to risk losing their coverage, their doctor, and their quality of care.


What happens when the low reimbursement rates for Medicare lead to doctor shortages? It’s just a matter of time before enough hospitals and clinics close up shop and the Democrats say we need a fully run government system akin to the VA. And where do those doctors come from after it becomes much less lucrative of a career choice? Standards get lowered, waiting times increase, and quality suffers.

Our healthcare system is not perfect, mostly due to cost. But it’s not a coincidence that inflation in healthcare costs directly correlates with more and more government regulation and interference. That’d be fairly easy to fix if we had the stomach to do so. What we shouldn’t do is destroy the most innovative, life saving system in human history to appease the Bernie Bros.



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