Reality Sets in As Chris Matthews Says Four More Years of Trump Is Better Than Sanders

Tonight has become a bit of a reckoning for the anti-Trump media (see nearly all the media). As Bernie Sanders looks to get over 50% of the vote and crush his competition in Nevada, the reality that he’s now on a glide-path to the nomination has begun to set in.


Some grifters like former Trump primary opponent Joe Walsh are just going all in for Bernie to conserve conservatism or something.

But then there are others like Chris Matthews over on MSNBC. He’s in mourning at a possible Sanders nomination, and for a moment, he said the quiet part out loud.

It’s a sad scene.

Over the next two weeks, there’s going to be a lot of this. Many, many people who once pronounced their deep principles are going to suddenly rationalize voting for Sanders, a literal communist. Meanwhile, others like Matthews may take a bit longer to get there. But don’t doubt, he’ll get there. There’s just no way Matthews swallows his hat and doesn’t start shilling for Sanders sooner rather than later. It’s a process. First, there’s denial, then there’s anger (we are here), and then there will be acceptance. Because in the end, the only thing that really matters is how bad the orange man is.


But for the moment, we can laugh at the discomfort within the Democratic media establishment.



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