Never Trump Runs Headlong Into the Reality That Democrats Don't Care What They Think and It's Hilarious

Bill Kristol by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

If you’ve paid attention to the political media the last week, you’ve probably noticed a trend. We’ve seen commentary from George Will, Jennifer Rubin, Bill Kristol, David Frum, and likely some other Never Trump personalities I’ve missed, bemoaning the likelihood of a Bernie Sanders candidacy.

All of these are people who have proclaimed their devotion to the Democratic party in 2020, not out of any sense of lasting principle or policy care, but simply to get rid of Trump. There’s very real irony in the same people who constantly call Trump supporters a “cult” now deciding that they will literally do anything to defeat one person over what mostly centers on personality qualms.

Doing anything appears to include voting for a communist like Bernie Sanders, but in the meantime, they are wringing their hands at the possibility in hopes of stopping it.

The problem? Just as in 2016 with the Republican party, essentially no one in the Democrat party cares what they think. In fact, the tiny number of overly-represented media voices that have centered their existence around defeating the orange man is becoming more and more unwelcome in their new home.

Honestly, I kind of get it. Republicans had to deal with this unearned sense of entitlement and superiority throughout the 2016 election. Now they want to jump into a new party and start dictating who that party should nominate in the very next election? That’s pretty presumptive on their part.

It also shows an out-sized self-evaluation of their own intellect. These are the same people who got every single thing about 2016 wrong. Why would any Democrat heed their “warnings” about Bernie Sanders when they’ve shown to be awful at political prognostication? The fact that Never Trump are so certain he’ll lose to Trump actually makes me think Bernie might perhaps be the toughest challenger.

What I do know is that the Never Trump movement currently faces two realities they wish hadn’t formed. One, that they probably will have to vote for a communist to oppose Trump, and two, that Democrats don’t care about their objections. Hilariously, many of them are now adopting the same “anything it takes” attitude they constantly castigate Republicans for when it comes to voting for Trump. Bill Kristol’s The Bulwark quite literally wrote a conservative case for voting for Sanders just yesterday. No one ever claimed these were intellectually honest people.

Bernie Sanders is the nominee these people deserve.


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