The Democrat Iowa Caucus Is in Total Chaos, Here Are the Details

If you didn’t stay up to try to see the results of last night’s Democrat Iowa Caucus, you saved yourself a lot of wasted time.

As I type this the next morning, there are still no official results. Early reports did show three things and you can make of them what you will. Bernie Sanders was poised to win, Joe Biden was looking like a distant 4th place, and turnout was much lower than expected.


That’s when the weirdness started.

Then, as precincts tried to report their results, one precinct secretary was hung up on after being on hold for over an hour. Three and four hour hold times were apparently happening throughout the early morning hours.

Just how crazy have things gotten? This crazy.

Just an hour ago, I saw a report that the Iowa Democratic party was sending out door knockers to try to get results from unreported precinct leaders. This thing has devolved into complete pandemonium.

And if the vote-counting process issues weren’t enough, you also get the typical idiocy of the caucus system showing its ugly face.


There’s certainly some irony there, as Sanders is an avowed socialist who you’d think would be all for redistribution of resources. I guess not so much when it affects their ability to win an election. But these are the people who want to run the country. They can’t even report the results of a caucus properly (by contrast, the GOP got their results fairly early last night) but think they can manage healthcare for almost 400 million people. Makes sense.

And just in case you doubted who Democrats will try to blame for this hilarious mess, here you go.

This has been a total disaster for the Democrats. After CNN booted it’s DMR “gold standard” poll of Iowa, it was leaked that Sanders was leading. Now the results themselves are being heavily delayed, denying the actual winner (who appears to be Sanders) a chance to gain momentum off the results. Perhaps that’s all a coincidence, but it’s a pretty convenient one for a Democrat establishment that is scrambling. Even if it is all just incompetence, Sanders’ supporters are fuming mad right now, and if he’s not the nominee, it could factor into costing Democrats the general election.


One thing is clear, though, even in the absence of the final results. Joe Biden utterly imploded last night and is on his way to losing the first three primary states.


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