Biden Continues to Lose It, Flips Out During an Interview When Pressed On Burisma Corruption

Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks at the SEIU Unions For All Summit on Friday, Oct. 4, 2019, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

Seton Motley | Red State |

This guy is slipping big time.

Joe Biden is currently cruising to a likely 3rd or 4th place finish in Iowa tonight and it’s obviously gotten under his skin. He was asked in an interview that aired this morning on  Today Show about his son Hunter’s $83K a month board gig in Ukraine. This all happened while Biden was running foreign policy there and threatened aid money in order to get a prosecutor fired.


He didn’t take it well at all.

Excerpt via the Washington Free Beacon.

NBC News anchor Savannah Guthrie asked the former vice president whether Burisma, a Ukrainian energy giant, paid Hunter Biden hundreds of thousands of dollars “because that company wanted access to you.”

“Well that’s not true. You’re saying things—you do not know what you’re talking about,” Biden said. “No one’s said that. Who said that? Who said that?

“No one’s found anything wrong with his dealings in Ukraine except they say it sets a bad image,” he added.

“Do you agree that it sets a bad image?” Guthrie said.

“Yeah. And my son said that,” Biden said.

You have to watch the video to get the full effect of how agitated he became. It’s also worth noting that had a Republican treated a “journalist” this way, it’d be front page news and elicit condemnations from the National Press Club. We already saw that happen with Sen. Martha McSally last month.

One thing I noticed is that Biden kept his hands tightly buried in his pockets throughout the exchange. That’s probably a good thing given his penchant to poke and push people who get him riled up. His constant defensiveness on a myriad of issues, including the questions surrounding his actions and Ukraine, paint a picture of a man who’s terrified of what might come out. Even if his son simply put him in a bad position without his knowledge, it’s a terrible, terrible look for voters.


By tomorrow morning, we’ll have the final votes in Iowa. If Biden ends up a distant afterthought and then goes on to lose New Hampshire as well, things are going to get really dicey for his chances. Nevada follows shortly after and is another caucus state that will favor Bernie Sanders.

A month ago, I’d have said Biden was the nominee. Today, I’m starting to think he’s just biding time. This is a guy who lacks the ability to survive a rigorous campaign. The more you see of him, the more obvious it is that Donald Trump would eat him alive. If he can’t even keep his cool while talking to an ideological ally like Savannah Guthrie, he’s not going to do so when the real bullets start flying.



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