BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh Announces He Has Advanced Lung Cancer (UPDATED With Audio)

Rush Poses with his best friend.

Perhaps no one has done more for conservative media and blazing a path for the current generation of commentators than Rush Limbaugh.

Unfortunately, he announced today that he’s dealing with an advanced form of lung cancer.


Rush will have to spend time away from his show as he enters treatment. Anyone that’s known someone who’s done chemotherapy knows how it affects a person. Cancer is just awful and there’s of course the very real risk of death involved as well. Hopefully, just as many on the right have done in other situations, the left-wing and national media will realize this isn’t a time for partisan shots or tasteless editorials.

Keep Rush in your prayers and we’ll keep you updated as more details come out.


Here’s the audio from his show today giving the announcement.


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