Ted Cruz Roasts Adam Schiff After Impeachment Ratings Bottom Out

What if I told you that the networks actually lost viewership going from reruns of soap operas to supposedly the most important moment in our modern history?

Well, that’s exactly what happened.


Think about that. People would rather watch the epitome of “daytime” TV than see Adam Schiff bloviate and lie from the Senate floor. It wouldn’t surprise me if those knock-off Judge Judy shows also outpaced the Democrat’s impeachment push. That says something about the substance being portrayed and just how tuned out the American people are.

Then Ted Cruz stepped in to throw some gasoline on the fire and he nails it.

I might actually tune in if that plot twist was coming, but alas, it’s not. For three mind-numbing days, Schiff and his team repeated themselves, mislead the Senate, and misrepresented evidence. Their reward was people shutting their TVs off. That’s what we call backfiring.


Meanwhile, the President’s defense took a few hours and laid out a concise, fact-filled presentation and everyone was home by the mid-afternoon. That’s how it’s done.

Good on Ted Cruz for joking about this absolute joke of a process. The Democrats deserve every bit of ribbing they get at this point.


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