LOL: George Stephanopoulos Gets Caught Throat Slashing at His Producer to Cut Trump's Lawyer Off

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Seton Motley | Red State |

Here’s a Friday evening example of just how terrible our news media are.

One of the common refrains we’ve heard from the legacy outlets covering impeachment is that Trump doesn’t have a defense. Panels of foaming mouthed beltway analysts assure us that Trump’s lawyers are stuck between a rock and a hard place and can’t say anything comparable to the glorious pronouncements of Adam Schiff.


Yet, when Trump’s lawyer actually does go out to answer questions and lay out a salient case, this is what happens.

If you watch the video, Sekulow was about to give some specifics of their defense, which you’d think would be rather newsworthy. But hilariously, the producer accidentally cuts back to Stephanopoulos who can be seen doing the throat slashing signal, desperately trying to tell them to not show Sekulow actually answer the question. Then Stephanopoulos mischaracterizes what Sekulow said and moves on, because of course he does.

You see, it wouldn’t fit the narrative to let Trump’s defense actually make their case to the public, so these networks purposely suppress that side of the story. ABC is rushing to get yet another stupid panel to analyze what Sekulow supposedly thinks in this instance vs. just letting Sekulow say it himself. It’s asinine and contrary to what “news” is actually supposed to be.


But this is how Stephanopoulos has operated for decades. He was a Clinton crony back during the 90s, helping run a war room that smeared more women than I can keep track of. Somehow, that meant he was then qualified to become the lead anchor at a major network. Go figure.


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