Hysteria Reaches Peak Levels as NBC Reporter Claims to Hear Nefarious Messages at VA Gun Rally, But There's a Problem

Today, thousands of responsible gun owners took part in a rally in Virginia to oppose their newly minted, yet clearly unconstitutional laws which seek to limit gun ownership of even mainstream weapons. The push came from Gov. Ralph Northam, who’s racist past was pushed for the supposed greater good. After delivering the General Assembly to Democrats in 2019, voters are now repeating the rewards of that decision.


Those at the rally were there to push back though. Hundreds of locations across the state have passed gun sanctuary laws, refusing to enforce the state’s gun grab. This has led to increased tensions, with Northam even threatening to arrest people for failing to comply.

Needless to say, the reporting on the rally has been an absolute dumpster fire of lies and outright smearing of people simply expressing their right to protest.

Here’s an example of just how stupid things have gotten.

The problem?

If you watch the video, it’s just a bunch of people saying the pledge of allegiance. I’ve strained as hard as I can and have yet to here a “we will not comply” chant (not that such a chant would be bad). I’m not sure what’s worse here. That this NBC News reporter is trying to smear people with lies, or that he doesn’t recognize the pledge of allegiance when he hears it?


Elsewhere on MSNBC, another outright false claim was being made about the citizens who showed up at the rally.


There were not “thousands” of white nationalists at the rally. Perhaps a handful of people who espouse those views showed up (I haven’t seen evidence of that) but that certainly does nothing to tarnish the vast majority who turned out for the right reasons. Liberal rallies often include communists, Antifa members, and violence. Does the media ever point those things out when covering them? Of course not.

The bias is so thick you could cut with a knife. These “journalists” at these outlets are outright terrified of people exercising their rights and they’ll slander whoever they can to try to get their way.


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