Rachel Maddow Promotes 'Bombshell' Interview With Giuliani Associate Lev Parnas Tonight

In this Monday, Dec. 2, 2019, file photo, Lev Parnas arrives to court in New York. Andrew Favorov, the No. 2 at Ukraine’s state-run gas company Naftogaz, says he sat on the red leather banquette and listened wide-eyed as men boasted of their connections to President Donald Trump and proposed selling large quantities of liquified natural gas from Texas to Ukraine. The gas deal never came to pass, but it’s now the subject of a U.S. federal criminal investigation of the two men, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, and their close associate, Rudy Giuliani. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

Well, this could get interesting.

MSNBC is teasing an interview tonight with Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas tonight at 9PM Eastern. Apparently, Parnas and his lawyer will be on hand to dish dirt about Ukraine, Giuliani, and possibly President Trump.


If you aren’t familiar with Parnas, he’s a crook who’s currently under indictment for unrelated matters and has been prostituting himself to the government for some time of leniency. After initially saying he had nothing worthwhile to offer, he’s now claiming to hold secrets that could blow up the impeachment trial. Parnas is also the author of a hand written note publicized recently by Adam Schiff, which purports to show Parnas being involved in getting the Ukrainians to announce investigations into the Bidens.

My impression of that note is that there’s nothing really there. It’s undated, uncorroborated, and involves no mention of Donald Trump. Further, we already knew the President wanted an announcement of an investigation into Burisma and Hunter Biden’s ties. We also know there was no military aid attached to the request as originally asserted. Pretending that there’s something new here is a pretty disingenuous, but par for the course for how Schiff has handled this. Further, there is nothing inherently wrong or illegal about requesting such an investigation, especially given how corrupt Ukraine has shown itself to be and the smoke surrounding the younger Biden’s employment with Burisma. The fact that one of the Bidens is running for president does not give them a shield from being looked into over wrongdoing. Donald Trump, of all people, knows that very well given his treatment in 2016.


So will Parnas share anything massive tonight? There are reasons to be skeptical.

First, Parnas is choosing to appear on Rachel Maddow’s show instead of a major news program. You know what you don’t do if you have evidence that will get a president removed from office? Go on a hack conspiracy theorist’s show that has shown itself to be wholly not credible in every respect. Further, Parnas knows Maddow will feed he and his lawyer softballs, another sign that he needs kid gloves applied vs. having solid information. If Parnas had the goods, he’d be talking to a more reputable source.

Second, Parnas has had his requests for cooperation mostly rebuffed by prosecutors. Why is that? If he had the goods on someone as big as the President of the United States, don’t you think the pitbulls in the SDNY would be all over it? They gave Michael Cohen a sweetheart deal, letting him slide on major crimes, on just the promise that he could provide some information on Trump. The idea that Parnas is sitting on the golden ticket but can’t get anyone but Maddow to listen to him doesn’t pass the smell test.

Lastly, as pointed out early in this article, the evidence Parnas has given to the Congress has been weak at best. Am I really supposed to believe he’s saving the good stuff for Maddow, who has no ability to offer him any leniency on anything?


Come on. We all know what this is really going to be. Parnas is going to make some unsupported, yet salacious claims while MSNBC blows it up as a nuclear bomb going off. In the end though, there will be nothing major there because if he had something major, he’d have shared it by now to save his own skin. Parnas is a desperate man and has ever reason to lie at this point. If he can’t provide direct, verifiable evidence of his whatever he claims, he should be ignored.

But the media have no standards, so get ready for them to lose their minds tomorrow.



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