FISA Abuser Andrew McCabe to Participate In Forum On Stopping FISA Abuse

Washington D.C. and all the bureaucracies that make it up traditionally culminate into one big, corrupt back slapping session. This latest example makes the normal swampiness look like a pristine waterfront though. You may want to preemptively sit down if you are prone to doubling over in laughter.


Andrew McCabe is going to be serving on a panel to discuss how to curb abuse of the FISA system.

Is it any wonder that these institutions are so screwed up when they get their advice from the guilty at events like this?

This is the same Andrew McCabe who pushed for and excused the Page warrant for years. This is also the same McCabe who lied to the FBI directly while pretending the FBI did nothing wrong throughout the Trump-Russia investigation.

It gets better though. Just to make matters worse, they’ve also tapped Andrew Weissmann, otherwise known as “Robert Mueller’s pitbull.” Weissmann has a long, checkered history of prosecutorial misconduct and his behavior during the Mueller investigation left much to be desired. It’s speculated that he was the behind the letter to Barr chastising his conclusions, something that contradicted what Mueller had told the AG on the phone. It’s also likely that Weissmann was behind many of the leaks which served to form the narrative basis for the mainstream media throughout the ordeal.


Yet, these are the people the establishment shills at NYU think should be commenting on reforming FISA abuse? And these are the people these agencies will now look to (because a lot of their “ideas” come from forums like this)? You can’t make this stuff up. It’s so ludicrous that you’d think it was a parody.

More and more, we are shown that simple changes won’t fix what ills Washington. These institutions and agencies have not learned a single lesson from what has transpired in the last few months. Instead, they’ve doubled down, whether it’s the FISA court hiring a collusion truther like David Kris to reform their procedures, or the FBI taking no real action to punish anyone for their malfeasance in the Page warrant.


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