George Conway Gnashes His Teeth at Trump Over the Iranian Protests

Kellyanne’s husband is at it again.

This time, he’s letting his derangement with the current President push him to brush aside people risking their lives to fight off an oppressive regime because Trump. You see, the story isn’t really that Soleimani’s death has weakened Iran, while their shooting down of an Iranian airliner further showed that they are an incompetent paper tiger. No, it’s about impeachment.


Here’s the original tweet by Trump in Farsi.

It simply reads this:

To the brave and suffering Iranian people: I have stood with you since the beginning of my presidency and my government will continue to stand with you. We are following your protests closely. Your courage is inspiring.

That seems a more than prudent message, given that people are being killed in the streets right now and these people need the support of the world behind them, which is something the Obama administration and EU refused to give them during the Green Revolution.

Perhaps you’d think such a message would at least elicit silence from the crazy people who foam at the mouth every time the President says anything, but nah, George Conway is here to let us know what the real story is.

Conway writes “Okay, but you’re still impeached, and you always will be,” because that’s clearly what matters here, not that a woman was blasted with a shotgun by Iranian thugs last night. Good call.

This is a new line you’ve been seeing from Democrats as they face the reality that impeachment has been a complete flop. Trump is now supposedly “tarnished” with impeachment forever (insert dramatic echoing voice on that last word). The truth is, no one cares. He was impeached by nothing but Democrats, without a single even moderate Republican defector. He will eventually be acquitted by the Senate and this all goes away. The only people who care about what some history book will say on the matter are already so rabidly opposed to Trump that their opinions are irrelevant.


It’s one thing to oppose a President on policy grounds. It’s another to be so deluded that you can’t even stand with him on an obviously morally just cause like supporting the Iranian protestors.

I can’t help but shake this feeling that this entire Kellyanne and George Conway thing is just one big grift.


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