BREAKING: Cory Booker Drops Out of the 2020 Race, Complaints About Diversity Emerge

Cory Booker is out.



Ok, I’ll admit that it’s pretty funny that the Democrat race is now down to two white guys and a white woman who faked being a Native American. Not that it matters to me, but given how invested in identity politics the modern left is, this can’t sit well with the wokest among us. You can expect to see a slew of editorials from legacy outlets bemoaning the fact that the field is now even less diverse.

Booker’s campaign was always doomed. He’s comparable to Julian Castro in his penchant for never finding something not worth pandering over. After initially positioning himself as a moderate much of his career, including doing some across the aisles projects as both the Mayor of New Jersey and a Senator, Booker fell into the same trap everyone not named Joe Biden has fallen into, namely selling out the majority moderate Democrat voting base to please the woke scolds. For example, Booker was for school choice before he was against it.


He was also just not very likable. Perhaps not as much as Elizabeth Warren, but he always seemed to be straining to score points and that’s never a good look. It presents a front of desperation and Booker certainly was that most of his campaign.

Unfortunately for him, Booker is unlikely to draw VP consideration as Biden, Sanders, and Warren have all signaled they’ll pick a woman. The original plan of being the next Obama just didn’t work out. It’s back to Senate now for a life of mostly irrelevant posturing.


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