CNN's Jake Tapper Serves Up a Facepalm Worthy Shot and Chaser

Big news guys. The Obama administration, which took personal credit for killing former Libyan dictator Gaddafi, actually didn’t kill Gaddafi according to our stalwart media. Why this sudden shift in the narrative? Because they needed a way to snipe at the orange man.


My colleague Nick Arama covered some of this story earlier today, pointing out the hypocrisy among Democrats and the media when it comes to the Libyan entanglement and the targeting of Qassem Soleimani.

The latest outrage started with this tweet by Deputy Assistant to the President Hogan Gidley.

This sent the media “fact-checkers” into a rage. One of those who chimed in was CNN’s Jake Tapper, who rushed to correct the administration for supposedly not telling the truth about Obama killing Gaddafi.

This is what is called being intellectually dishonest. Tapper knows the real story and is choosing to be purposely obtuse. The Obama administration actually attempted to kill Gaddafi with a drone strike. They ended up hitting his convoy, disabling it and injuring him. Gaddafi was then dragged from the site and killed by a militia group. It is the height of obfuscation to pretend that Obama didn’t 1) have intent to kill Gaddafi and 2) that he didn’t setup the circumstances for it to happen.


Further, the Obama administration bragged about having taken Gaddafi out. Hillary’s most famous line as Secretary of State was “We came, we saw, he died,” as she laughed it up in an interview. It’s been a well established fact that Obama was responsible for Gaddafi’s death.

How do I know? Because Jake Tapper was faced with that same assertion directly from the Obama administration back in 2011. He was keen to publicize it at the time, not adding a single rebuttal to the claim.

So let me get this straight. It’s now false to say Obama killed Gaddafi, but back when Obama was still in office and it benefited him to brag about it, Tapper was more than happy to accept that line and push it without question.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if the drone strike directly killed Gaddafi or not. We already know that every Democrat and legacy media outlet in existence at the time backed the idea that Obama not only had the authority to take out Gaddafi, but that he had the authority to start a full scale air war in the process. But now, those same people want to pretend that it’s illegal to take out a designated terrorist, in a foreign country, who had just carried out an attack on a US embassy.


Even past that, think about the stupidity of the current shift. The media and Democrats are currently arguing that Trump is responsible for an airliner being shot down by Iran, in which Iran was bombarding Iraq some 600 miles away and the U.S. didn’t fire a shot. So the “chain of escalation” makes Trump responsible in this case, but Obama didn’t kill Gaddafi despite droning his convoy in an attempt to do so and setting up the situation for him to be killed. Makes sense, right?

These people are just hopeless, partisan hacks.


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