The Gnashing of Teeth Begins After Ricky Gervais Burns Hollywood to the Ground

You may not have watched the Golden Globe Awards last night, but you’d be remiss to not check out some of the highlights of Ricky Gervais hosting. Click here and here for clips of some of his best lines, as well as analysis on what it means.


The short of it is that Gervais essentially burned Hollywood to the ground for the self-righteous, self-important partisan political commentary that typically transpires at these events. He also roasted them over Harvey Weinstein, something other award show hosts have been too scared or invested to do.

It was all pretty great and that means the mainstream media have to hate it. The gnashing of teeth has begun and I expect all the legacy outlets to keep rolling out op-eds throughout the day telling us how terrible Gervais was for making light of such serious issues.

Take this hilariously overwrought piece, for example.

Nah, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what they needed. The fact that Hollywood takes themselves way too seriously isn’t a reason to not make fun of them when they are clearly ripe for mockery. Having money and being famous does not bestow upon a person a special right to preach to others about world issues. In this case, they ignored Gervais anyway, with many still getting up to proclaim the greatness of abortion and the evils of the orange man. Shilling for Iran was also on full display.


Ali ended up getting an epic ratio for her article.

CNN tried to just pretend that Gervais didn’t exist, presenting the event as a somber warning about leftist sacred cows.

The Washington Post tried to paint the celebrities in attendance as defiant revolutionaries, not caring about Gervais’ hits. Spoiler: they cared and you could see it on their faces.

Meanwhile, Slate just skipped right to the point. They hated Gervais’ jokes.

This is how you know Gervais hit the mark. Heck, not only did he hit the mark, he obliterated it.

And look, I’m under no illusions that Ricky Gervais is a closet conservative. From what I understand, he’s not a fan. But that doesn’t make what he said any less prudent. The fact that it so bothers the mainstream media only makes what he said more hilarious and important. Gervais follows in the footsteps of several recent comedians to go rogue and speak the truth about the culture in Hollywood and it needed to be said. There’s been far too much covering up and obfuscating of what really happens among these groups and the media have been front and center to operate as gatekeepers.


Watching most of the room sit in stunned silence was just the cherry on top for the night. There is one thing I’m fairly certain of – Gervais not getting invited back.



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