Democrat Congressional Representatives Spread Bonkers Conspiracy Theory About Border Patrol and Iranians

As if things couldn’t get any stupider after President Trump pulled the trigger on taking out Qassem Soleimani, leave it to the Democrat party to give us this.


Rep. Barbara Lee went to Twitter, desperate to try to spin the justified killing into something nefarious. That means screaming xenophobia and accusing the Border Patrol of rounding up people of Iranian decent, because that totally sounds like something the CBP would do.

This is Alex Jones levels of quackery. Why would CBP be rounding up people of Iranian decent and exactly what would they be doing with them? It’s not the 1940s anymore and a Democrat isn’t president. Trump is not setting up internment camps.

So where did this rumor start? Here’s the details.

A U.S. Representative shared a rabid conspiracy theory, based on a total misreading of what really happened, that was put out by CAIR. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you that Democrats would be beholden to CAIR and it’s terrorist loving propaganda.


In reality, someone who happened to be of Iranian decent was given a secondary expectation at the Canadian border. That boils down to an increased inspection upon entry. This is not unusual and could have happened by sheer chance or simply because the threat level was higher after the embassy attack. No one was being “detained” or denied entry based on nationality.

But let’s even imagine Trump really was as devious as the left supposes and wanted to do this. The CBP would never follow through on such an order, nor would there be any expectation they’d get away with it. In other words, you’d have to be a freaking moron of the highest order to believe this conspiracy theory was true. You’d have to be even dumber to take the word of a CAIR apparatchik and then run to Twitter to spew such garbage.

Despite the false nature of the claim, both these representatives still have their tweets up, racking up retweets. But please, tell me about how dangerous misinformation is again.


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