Andrew McCabe Is Sorry

With the release of the IG report painting a damning picture of FBI misconduct and John Durham’s criminal investigation still ongoing, there are several Obama era officials who shouldn’t be sleeping too well these days.


Perhaps the one who most obviously is in the sights of Barr’s push for accountability is Andrew McCabe, the former Deputy Director of the FBI. McCabe was at or near the heart of the numerous “mistakes” made that just so happened to target Carter Page and the Trump campaign. But it’s not the Trump-Russia investigation that may eventually bring him down. Rather, it’s the fact that he lied to the FBI when questioned about leaks to a media organization.

Initially, McCabe told agents that he had no idea who leaked the information. That happened on May 9th, 2017. But when agents came back, he had changed his story, apparently realizing they had him dead to rights.

Excerpt via HotAir.

“I need to know from you,” an agent said he told McCabe in a sit-down meeting, “did you authorize this article? Were you aware of it? Did you authorize it?”

McCabe then looked at the story he had reviewed months earlier.

The FBI investigator described his response this way: “And as nice as could be, he said, yep. Yep I did.”

The investigator then said that “things had suddenly changed 180 degrees with this.” The interviewers stopped taking notes on what McCabe was saying, and the agent indicated their view of McCabe had changed: He was no longer a witness or victim. “In our business, we stop and say, look, now we’re getting into an area for due process,” the agent said…


If you are keeping score, it’s a crime to lie to the FBI. Worse, it’s the very same crime McCabe railroaded Michael Flynn and other Trump associates over. The law for thee but not for me appears to be the motto he was living by.

But no worries, because McCabe is sorry.

“I remember saying to him, at, I said, sir, you understand that we’ve put a lot of work into this based on what you told us,” the agent said. “I mean, and I even said, long nights and weekends working on this, trying to find out who amongst your ranks of trusted people would, would do something like that. And he kind of just looked down, kind of nodded, and said yeah I’m sorry.”

Last I checked, saying your sorry doesn’t get you out of criminal charges.

What kind of country would this be if the DOJ let this slide while prosecuting others for far more vague accusations of lacking candor? And this isn’t even vague at all. McCabe point blank admits to breaking the law. He also attempted to cover it up by not signing his sworn statement on the matter. The action and intent are clear as day. That should be all Barr needs to make his case.


Hilariously, despite this admission of lying and breaking the law, CNN still employs McCabe as an “analyst.” They’ve even allowed him to opine on his own situation while posing as an unbiased observer. It’s the kind of media malfeasance you’d expect to see in Iran.

The DOJ must prosecute McCabe. If they don’t, and the longer this drags on, the less likely it becomes, then what little trust Americans may have in these institutions is going to be burned to the ground. If we are truly a country of laws, they have to apply to corrupt government officials as well.


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