Overwhelming Proof Emerges That Iran Is Behind the Attack on the U.S. Embassy in Iraq

From left, the European Union high representative, Federica Mogherini; the Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif; head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organisation, Ali Akbar Salehi, the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov; the British foreign secretary Philip Hammond; and the US secretary of state John Kerry pose for a group picture at the United Nations building in Vienna after striking a landmark nuclear deal. Joe Klamar / Pool Photo via AP


The ongoing attack on the U.S. Embassy in Iraq is continuing, with 100 U.S. Marines being deployed to protect it as the impotent Iraqis sit idly. A guard shack has been torched and the rest of the staff and military members are inside letting the walls do their job.

From the beginning, the aggression has been squarely pointing to Iran. The attempts to breach the embassy came in the wake of retaliatory airstrikes on Iranian backed militias. While the media have tried to white-wash what’s happening by describing the attackers as “mourners” and “protestors,” this is clearly being orchestrated by the Quds Force and blessed by the Mullahs. And ample proof of that is emerging.





These are not “protestors.” They are militia members, some offshoots of Hezbollah. All of them are controlled, funded, and organized by Iran. These are also the same people who slaughtered peaceful Iraqi protestors who were opposing the Iranian influence in the government some months back.

It’s long past time to send Iran a message they can’t ignore. I’m not rooting for a ground war and I don’t think it’s necessary, but we have the ability to decimate their military sites and oil production facilities in response to their continued aggression. Their navy should also be quickly sunk. This would handicap the regime further and likely lead to its downfall. I understand President Trump loathes foreign conflict, but this can’t go unanswered and “sanctions” aren’t going to do it.


Unfortunately, this is what happens when you coddle and hand $150 billion to an oppressive, radical Islamic regime that funds more terrorism than any other state. We all have Barack Obama and his underlings, such as Ben Rhodes, to thank for that. Their failures and culpability, whether it’s half a million dead in Syria or enabling Iran’s violence, will not be looked kindly upon by history.


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