Baltimore Hits Highest Murder Rate Ever, The Mayor's Response Is Double Facepalm Worthy

Baltimore has had a bit of a contentious time in the public sphere the past few years. Their murder rate has reached levels that make most 3rd world countries (not currently at war) look safe. The issues of poverty, sanitation, and abuse of power have also plagued the local government. Former Mayor Catherine Pugh was forced to resign after being exposed for a scheme involving selling her book and government money.


She’s hardly the first bad character to lead the city and certainly won’t be the last. Enter, Mayor Jack Young, who’s currently running next year to retain his office. Given that his state just set the record (yet again) for the most homicides per capita, you’d think he’d take some responsibility for the continued failures.

Nah, it’s not his problem.

That’s certainly a very odd take on leadership. Mayors (and other offices) don’t exist to garner fat pensions and shake hands. They exist to provide solutions for tough problems. Young is apparently not interested in that or simply doesn’t have the capacity to lead his city. Instead of admitting that, he’s going to run to be mayor again because that is the state of politics in Baltimore. The sense of entitlement due to one party rule has left citizens with a government that feels no accountability to anyone.


Much of that is the fault of the voters, but it’s still sad to see so much desolation go unchecked. Democrats have tried to make President Trump’s criticisms of Baltimore the main story, but in the end, none of that matters to the people getting shot and lacking basic necessities.

I don’t buy into the idea that Democrat domination in urban areas is simply the GOP’s fault for not messaging well enough. But I do think there’s an opportunity in some of these cities for change. I hope Republicans take it and that the citizens of these places accept that what they are doing is not working.


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