Democrats Blame Jews, Trump for Latest Anti-Semitic Stabbings in NY

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As RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar shared earlier this morning, there’s been another horrific anti-Semitic attack in New York. This one involved a man attacking a Chanukah gathering and then attempting to enter a synagogue. He managed to stab five people in the process before fleeing.


Police have now apprehended the suspect.

This attack comes in the recent wake of another deadly attack in New Jersey by extremists connected to the Black Hebrew Israelites, where a Jewish school looked to be the initial target. Four Jews were killed in the neighboring kosher market after they failed to get the door to the school open.

Because none of these attacks fit the “white supremacist” narrative, they’ve been mostly ignored. While the Tree of Life shooting stayed in the news for weeks, including full reaction at the funerals, the Jersey City shooting managed about half a day in the news cycle and there was no “national conversation.” The major outlets punted on the story within hours.


As news broke early this morning that police had apprehended the stabber of this newest attack and that he wasn’t a white nationalist, the hot takes from Democrat intersectionalists started to roll in and they are just disgusting.

Biba, who does work for NBC News and National Geographic (among others), has wisely since deleted that tweet. It does encapsulate the gross thinking on the left when it comes to anti-Semitism, namely that it only matters when it’s carried out by a white supremacist.

She’s also clearly victim blaming, attempting to place responsibility on “divisions” caused by Jews, which is nonsense. These Orthodox communities are as law-abiding and introspective as possible in the United States. They aren’t attacking others and stoking divisions. The extremism and bigoted discrimination is a one way street in this case and it’s not coming from Jews.

The New York Times was also quick to obfuscate and omit key details from the story in their writeup, further underscoring how dishonest and politically driven the mainstream media are.


I wish those were the only examples, but they aren’t. There are many others. Here’s a Washington Post writer blaming Trump for black discrimination against Jews, something that makes no sense at all.

Meanwhile, this Democrat running for Congress and former Obama Administration official also decided to make this about the President.

I could keep going, but I’ll stop there. I think the point has been made. These insane responses show the corrosiveness of hyper-partisanship and intersectionalism.


The Democrat party is more and more embracing an ideology which is so based on racial grievance politics that they find themselves excusing violent attacks on Jews, either directly or via omission, simply because they rank near the bottom of the intersectional hierarchy. That’s how you end up with pictures of 2020 candidates embracing noted anti-Semite Al Sharpton.

I’ll end by noting that a leading candidate for the presidency has endorsed the UK Labour Party, recently defeated largely because of its anti-Semitism, and has surrounded himself with rabid anti-Semites like Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. That would be Bernie Sanders.


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