The Steele Dossier Fluffers at Lawfare Blog Manage to Admit Defeat and Double Down In the Same Statement

If you’ve followed the Trump-Russia saga, specifically dealing with the Steele dossier, you probably know about the ‘Lawfare’ blog. It’s a site that’s placed itself at the center of the operation to legitimize and push Trump-Russia conspiracy theories throughout the Trump presidency.


Their specialty has been to claim the Steele dossier is “mostly verified” and asserting it as a credible source of allegations. They also managed to find themselves pushing Kavanaugh rape allegations at one point, because of course they did.

To put it lightly, the recent IG report has not been kind to the Lawfare blog. People like Benjamin Wittes, who spent years trashing Devin Nunes’ correct memo, are left flailing about, desperately looking for a way to save face.

Take this statement for example.

This guy really seems to have a personal vendetta. In one breath, he admits that Nunes was right, but in the next, he doubles down on trashing Nunes. Further, Wittes is clearly wrong again, as the IG did find evidence of bias and pointedly stated that his findings do not negate that possibility (and let’s be clear, it’s the only one that makes sense).


These people will never learn their lesson. They’ll just keep pushing the same Fusion GPS invented garbage because in the end, there’s no consequences. Those CNN hits will still be there as long as they keep up a steady stream of orange man bad banter.

The Lawfare blog is the perfect encapsulation of the dumpster fire that Washington D.C.’s “foreign policy and security establishment” has become over the years. People with no real expertise, and who are constantly wrong, are handed lucrative opportunities simply because they espouse the right politics. And no one ever has to say they are sorry.


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