The Germans Continue to Show They Are Terrible Decision Makers

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel (center) speaks with President Donald Trump during the G7 summit in Quebec, Canada on June 9. (From left, front row: White House National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow, British Prime Minister Theresa May, French President Emmanuel Macron, Merkel, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and White House national security adviser John Bolton.) | Jesco Denzel/German Federal Government via AP

Jesco Denzel/German Federal Government via AP

After their disastrous wars of the 20th century and the immigration fiasco of the 21st, you’d think the Germans would look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are the problem.


But nah, they continue to show they are absolutely awful at political calculations. Hence this latest report, which has them naming Donald Trump as the most dangerous threat in the world.

Ah yes, Donald Trump, who’s managed to start no new wars and largely be a status quo Republican is clearly the biggest danger to the world. Not Iran and North Korea, as they seek nuclear weapons, nor Russia’s continued aggression. It’s not even the communists in China, who constantly have their eyes on expanding their dictatorial influence.

You’d think the Germans would recognize the irony in them accusing others of creating chaos, but self-awareness is not much of a European quality these days.

If I’m straining to find the reasoning here, I’d guess it likely has something to do with climate change. Like most Europeans, the Germans are all in on the doomsday scenarios and Greta Thunberg worship. Oddly enough though, it’s the United States that continues to dramatically reduce emissions, while the Germans, having invested billions in “clean” energy, are flat-lining and trying to cut pipeline deals with Putin. So much for saving the planet.


Maybe Trump is right about NATO. What exactly is the point of spending so much American blood and treasure to fight battles the Europeans should be spearheading themselves? It’s not the United States that’s really threatened by Iran, Russia, or chaos in the Middle East, it’s the EU. Yet, we continue to carry the lion’s share of the cost in defending these ungrateful nations as they spit in our faces.

Regardless, perhaps the Germans should just sit this one out. The country that gave the world Hitler and the Holocaust doesn’t have much room to be casting aspersions on others.


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