LOL: Politico Bows to GLAAD After Using This Completely Innocuous Phrase

“Everything is stupid” is basically the theme of the Trump era, and as we’ll see in this article, the stupidity often has nothing to do with partisan fights about the President.


Earlier this week, RedState reported on Pete Buttigieg’s slap fight with Elizabeth Warren. Wait, is accusing a gay man of slap fighting offensive? I can’t keep up these days and apparently, neither can Politico because they are bowing before criticism after describing the exchange as a “pillow fight.”

Yes, I’m serious. GLAAD got upset with the use of the phrase “pillow fight.” Here’s the original passage in the article in question.

The South Bend mayor has been testing an outsider message in a field dominated by D.C. insiders, but he’s been a bit sidetracked by his pillow fight with Elizabeth Warren and endless stories about his Harvard days, McKinsey clients and wine-cave fundraisers in Napa.

This was highly offensive according to the left-wing lobby.

“For women and LGBTQ people at the workplace, hearing phrases like ‘dramatic,’ ‘over the top,’ and even ‘pillow fight’ during office disagreements fosters negative stereotypes and diminishes a person simply because of who they are,” wrote Anderson. “Disagreements happen in politics, but using these loaded terms during disputes feed into the sexist and homophobic tropes that simply have no place in our political coverage and rhetoric.”

It’s a loaded term! Run and hide!

You know, as funny as it is to think of Pete Buttigieg having a pillow fight, I’m pretty sure the phrase has never had any widespread homophobic connotations. It’s always been a joke involving women, and even then it’s not really meant to demean women as much as it is making fun of men for having silly fantasies about women. So in a way, GLAAD is really going to bat for straight men here, which is kind of ironic.


After receiving the criticism, did Politico point out how stupid it is and that people need to grow up? Nah, they folded like your thrice-married uncle’s wash and wear suit.

Good Friday morning. GLAAD sent us a note yesterday about Playbook PM, noting that our use of “pillow fight” when describing a fight between Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren may have offended people. That was not our intent — pillow fight, in our mind, connotes a fight where no one draws blood.

You’d hope that at some point the media would say enough is enough with the political correctness and social justice narratives. But I’m pretty sure that day isn’t coming. These people are going to try to ride the lightning to their eventual demise because, in the end, you can never be woke enough.



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