Elizabeth Warren Pretending Asians Are White Shows the Idiocy of Intersectionalism

Elizabeth Warren hasn’t had a good past few days, or months if you want to get really technical (see Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Is Burning Down).

Just to make sure she poured a little more gasoline on the fire after getting owned by Pete Buttigieg during last week’s debate over “wine caves,” Warren put out a rather odd chart.


RedState’s Alex Parker covered it last night.

Totally eliminating an entire race to own the cons. That’s one I haven’t seen before, but progressives are always shooting for new heights I suppose.

Let me posit what probably happened here before getting into the bigger issue. Some campaign staffer likely went and googled the top 400 wealthiest Americans. Because their mind is so narrow, they simply word searched for “African-American” and “Hispanic” and put together this chart. It likely never even occurred to them that they were pretending an entire race, Asians, simply doesn’t exist.

Why? Because intersectionalism rots the brain. It’s a series of contradictions, skewed statistics, and avoiding basic truths in order to ascribe victimhood to certain, politically expedient groups. Asians, Jews, etc. don’t make the cut because they don’t fit the narrative.

Further, the problem with intersectionalism isn’t just it’s cherry-picking and divisiveness, but that the solutions it prescribes make no sense. You can certainly make the case that specific groups, such as blacks in America, have had generational struggles due to past systematic barriers. But that’s not fixed through reparations or legislation, nor any other government intervention. You can’t pass a bill to make more black billionaires appear. That has to be garnered fairly within the current, far more equitable environment.


That may not be what some on the left want to hear, but that’s what reality bears out. For example, black women earn more on average than their male counterparts. What’s the supposed intersectional inequality at play there? There isn’t one. That result is due to a cultural push among black Americans over the last 30 years for women to attend college. Rantings about intersectionalism for political points didn’t help that, real change did.

The Warren campaign is just a dumpster fire at this point and the Democrat party as a whole continues to subscribe to an ideology that only leads to division and downfall. You can not keep pitting everyone against each other, ignoring realities to ascribe victimhood, and expect the social fabric to hold together.

Real problems should be faced head on in ways that logically make sense, but pretending that Asians don’t exist or that some Congressional Act can solve all our ills is a fool’s errand.


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