Democrats Finally Find a Sanctuary City They Don't Like

Gov. Ralph Northam (D-VA)

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, left, accompanied by his wife, Pam, speaks during a news conference in the Governor’s Mansion in Richmond, Va., on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019. Resisting widespread calls for his resignation, Northam on Saturday vowed to remain in office after disavowing a racist photograph that appeared under his name in his 1984 medical school yearbook. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)


Just in case anyone was wondering if Democrats planned on being consistent about sanctuary cities existing, the answer is nah.

Virginia has become ground zero for a battle over gun rights, with the newly empowered Democrat State Assembly looking to pass sweeping new “gun control” measures, including an “assault-weapons” ban. This has led many cities around the state to pass their own resolutions proclaiming themselves as sanctuary cities for gun rights.

Hilariously, after spending years insisting sanctuary cities are awesome, Democrats have suddenly decided they are bad. Weird how that works.

Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring (D) issued an opinion Friday that there is no legal weight to the “Second Amendment sanctuary” resolutions being passed in localities around the state in reaction to potential new gun control laws.

“When the General Assembly passes new guns safety laws they will be enforced, and they will be followed,” Herring said in announcing the opinion. “These resolutions have no legal force, and they’re just part of an effort by the gun lobby to stoke fear.”

And here I was thinking that a local principality choosing not to expend resources to enforce certain laws was not only acceptable, but the moral thing to do. Because let’s be clear, that’s exactly what Democrats think when it comes to immigration laws. Cities pass resolutions or simply make administrative decisions to not cooperate with federal law enforcement.


Why should the 2nd Amendment be any different? The answer is that it shouldn’t be. We can’t have a federalist mindset only when it’s convenient to the left. If cities in Virginia don’t want to send their police after people to enforce laws they believe violate the Constitution, that’s their choice. The state can respond by denying certain funding, but some cities will find this a fight worth fighting and good for them if they do.

Such a move would call noted racist Gov. Ralph Northam’s bluff and force him to send state police into areas to try to enforce his new gun control laws. I say let him do it. Let’s see how voters respond to such intrusions during the next election. I have a feeling they won’t take too kindly to it.


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