Chris Cuomo Interviews an Evangelical Trump Supporter and It's Just a Dumpster Fire

Yesterday, I wrote a piece on why the moral preening of beltway dwellers largely falls on deaf ears. Be sure to check it out, as it’s a bit of a prologue to this latest example of idiocy found on CNN.


In that article, I wrote this.

This is why almost no one takes the “morality” arguments from the beltway seriously. They hand wave away their vast history of immorality, including things that have cost hundreds of thousands of lives, and then proclaim it immoral if you don’t work against your own interests. Worse, they demand you support candidates who have done far more immoral things as long as those candidates put on a good show of decorum in the process. It’s logically idiotic and ignores the realities at play.

Apparently, Chris Cuomo wanted to prove my point for me by acting like a complete clown while interviewing an evangelical Trump supporter. The amount of strawmen and obtuse argumenation gets hard to keep up with.

It’s one thing to disagree with someone politically. It’s another to make ridiculously obtuse arguments that lack all self-awareness as Cuomo is doing here.

Christians who support Trump largely do so because the Republican platform, along with Trump’s policy actions, are far more supportive of their wants as observant people Cuomo’s party (and no one should be fooled by his “I’m just a journalist” routine) is pro-abortion to the first breath and sometimes after it. Democrats support all manner of other things as well that make a direct mockery of not just Christianity as a whole, but specifically Cuomo’s own Catholic faith.


Yet, he’s going to accuse Trump supporters of inconsistency while he’s literally supporting a party that believes in murdering babies. Come on, it’s just ludicrous and shows the complete disconnect the beltway media has to reality.

I’m not going to claim that Trump has managed his comments on Christianity perfectly. He’s made mistakes and had some cringy moments, but at the end of the day, it’s Cuomo’s party that makes a complete mockery of Christianity daily. It takes an incredible lack of shame to accuse others of inconsistency in their faith while he simply ignores the massive log in his own eye.

CNN and Cuomo are simply a disgrace for treating a guy so grossly that came on in good faith to discuss an important issue. Why anyone goes on that dumpster fire of a network is beyond me.


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