Louie Gohmert Loses It On the House Floor After Jerry Nadler Says He's Pushing 'Russian Propaganda'

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., gives his opening statement as former special counsel Robert Mueller testifies before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on his report on Russian election interference, on Capitol Hill, Wednesday, July 24, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


Yesterday’s floor speeches before the impeachment vote were wild. We had everything from Jesus comparisons (although that’s been pretty heavily misconstrued) to Hitler analogies.

Louie Gohmert didn’t throw out any such hot takes, but he did point out some very inconvenient realties in regards to the Obama administrations coddling of Russia. Things such as the “Russian reset,” the allowing of Putin to invade Ukraine, and the refusal to then provide lethal aid in response, instead providing only blankets and MREs.

When Gohmert was finished though, Jerry Nadler decided to claim that what was said was “Russian propaganda,” because apparently the truth isn’t the truth because Putin or something.

Gohmert was having none of it.

Good for Gohmert. What Nadler said was abject garbage and deserved to be called out. It is not “Russia propaganda” to point out the reality that the Obama administration was incredibly soft on Putin, even enabling him at times as evidenced by the now infamous “more flexibility” hot mic moment.


Democrats have no arguments left. All they can do is scream “muh Russia” and clutch their pearls. Nadler’s behavior on the floor was over the line. Accusing a colleague of being a Russian stooge just because he repeated clear truths is the kind of nonsensical posturing we’ve seen from the left for a good three years now.

If Nadler wants to pop off, go on CNN or Chuck Todd’s show and do it. Don’t lie about someone on the House floor and then try to stop them from responding. That’s nothing but cowardice.



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