The Left Will learn Absolutely Nothing From Last Night's U.K. Beatdown

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street to travel to Buckingham Palace, London, to meet with Queen Elizabeth II on Friday, Dec. 13, 2019. Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party has won a solid majority of seats in Britain's Parliament — a decisive outcome to a Brexit-dominated election that should allow Johnson to fulfil his plan to take the U.K. out of the European Union next month. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

Last night, we witnessed one of the more shocking elections of the past decade. It doesn’t quite match 2016’s U.S. election, but it’s close. The UK Conservative Party absolutely trounced the Labour Party, delivering Boris Johnson a massive mandate to finish Brexit.


You saw announcements like this rolling throughout the evening.

When the dust settled this morning, the Conservatives enjoyed the largest majority since the 1980s. To call this a political massacre might actually be understating matters. And it ticked off all the right people, such as this Islamist apologist and Qatari mouthpiece.

But while it’s a certainty that Britain will now leave the EU, the broader question about last night’s results is whether the left will learn absolutely anything. The answer? Nah.

How do I know? Because before the votes were even finalized, the left on both sides of the pond was already making excusing and doubling down.


To start, of course, Russia was to blame and somehow swung a huge amount of votes to hand Johnson his victory or something.

The mouth-frothing theories that Boris Johnson is actually Russian stooge revolve around many of the same idiocies we saw levied at Trump. Johnson once was pictured with a Russian, so he must be doing Putin’s bidding. People with ties to Russia gave money to the Conservative Party, so they must be singing the Russian anthem as they go to sleep at night.

My colleague streiff covers Fusion GPS’s latest ridiculousness in more detail here, so be sure to check that out.

Ordinarily the story here would be how an elitist and privileged minority worked to strip away even a modicum of agency from working class and middle class Britons who wanted out of the Third World sh** hole that the EU is rapidly becoming. But if you were a Fusion GPS, your first inclination would be to try to pull the same scam on credulous British socialists that you pulled on the American left: blame Russia for fun and profit. Fusion GPS honchos Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch actually had this op-ed published in the leftwith Guardian today Britain needs its own Mueller report on Russian ‘interference’.


But it’s not just the “muh Russia” excuses that allow the left to seemingly never have to accept the results of any election. It’s also on policy.

No, it’s not an unstoppable movement, as evidenced by the fact that it was stopped last night. Not only that, the movement went backwards. Even the generally liberal population of the U.K. said enough is enough. The constant march toward socialism, normalizing anti-Semitism, and abdicating sovereignty reached critical mass and it was rejected.

But perhaps the left-wing media would learn something about their coverage? That’s a big nope.

Taking a broader view of the reactions last night, I noticed a consistent theme from the left. Namely, assertions that you couldn’t take anything away from the U.K. results and apply them to the coming US election. I was left wondering exactly who they were actually trying to convince?

The reality is that you can absolutely take some cues from last night’s election. It shows that the liberal media’s influence is basically nothing at this point. It shows that people can reach a breaking point when it comes to left-wing radicalism, including social justice issues. It shows that you can’t simply shame people into becoming hardcore socialists.


But the left will learn none of those lessons. They will double down like they always do and have already started to do so. Perhaps that’s a good thing, as it gives a clear delineation for voters. We’ll find out in a little under a year.


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