IG Horowitz Takes a Direct Shot At James Comey In His Senate Testimony

Here’s a bit of a follow up to this mornings piece on why the IG report comes nowhere close to “vindicating” the FBI.

Past Comey, we’ve seen a continual barrage of media outlets pushing out articles asserting that the GOP were “proved wrong” by the IG report. It’s quite the opposite. We were right about the FISA abuse and targeting of Page, which formed the central plank of the allegations against the FBI. We were right about the Steele Dossier being garbagewhile it was still being used extensively by the FBI. We were right about partisans at the FBI doctoring evidence to get access to the Trump campaign via the Page warrant.


Now, we get confirmation straight from the horse’s mouth.

Before we get to Horowitz’s statement, though, I want you to think back to the Mueller report’s release. Reflect on the number op-eds and front page stories ran in the media proclaiming that Trump was absolutely not “exonerated” despite the report showing there was no evidence of collusion with Russia.

Yet, the moment Horowitz’s report released, the standard for exoneration and vindication suddenly bottomed out. The Washington Post even allowed James Comey to take a victory lap in an op-ed full of misleading statements and lies about what the report actually says.

Well, Horowitz just set the record straight.

This is correct. There was simply no one involved in the FISA process at the FBI, including Comey and others, who was “vindicated” by the IG report. It’s the exact opposite.

At best, the report paints a picture of rank incompetence and idiocy at the highest levels of the department. At worst, it pretty clearly points to political bias coloring the bureau’s decisions.


The latter is far more likely, as the chances of so many “mistakes” being committed by so many different people, all in one direction to target Trump, is incredibly unlikely. But even still, neither explanation is acceptable.


While the media are desperately trying to spin the IG report, the truth remains that it was very damning to the FBI. The fact that current Director Wray can’t seem to grasp that is troubling and he should probably be staring down the business end of a letter of dismissal given his nonchalant tact toward what has been revealed.


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