CNN Gets Triggered By a Supercut of Their Impeachment Coverage, Has It Removed From YouTube (But We Have It)

CNN coverage of impeachment has been a lesson in beltway delusion. While most of the country are going about their business, the liberal network designs their coverage to present what the Democrats are doing as some combination of Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address and Washington crossing the Delaware.


In response, Tom Elliot put together a supercut of CNN’s impeachment rantings. If you haven’t picked up on a theme yet, it’s “historic.”

The funny part, aside from the video itself?

CNN got so triggered that they made copyright claims on YouTube and got the video removed.

What a bunch of babies.

There’s also the fact that supercuts of news coverage are covered under fair use standards, i.e. CNN had no legal right to have it removed. Despite that, YouTube responded to Elliot and told him he didn’t even have a valid reason to file a counter response. Because of course they did. Twitter seems to not be playing ball though, so that’s good at least.

CNN’s recent coverage is just an extension of what we’ve been hearing for three years now. “The walls are closing in” and “bombshells” followed by the polar opposite happening. Trying to paint this joke, partisan impeachment as “historic” is just ridiculous, but it’s par for the course. These outlets are always going to pee on your leg and tell you it’s raining. Unfortunately for them, most Americans don’t trust their characterizations or simply aren’t paying attention anyway.



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