Washington Post Reporter Claims the Media Doesn't Push Conspiracies, Gets Fact-Checked Hard

The lack of self-awareness within the media-sphere never ceases to amaze me. The same people who’ve spent the better part of three years pushing every inane, orange man bad conspiracy theory will turn around and claim to be the level-headed ones when confronted. RedState may be an ideological blog, but at least we are honest about it. There’s something to be said for that in the face of the larger mainstream media, which are just as partisan but gnash their teeth at anyone who points it out.


Take Dave Weigel, a “reporter” for The Washington Post who was once a favorite among some conservatives on Twitter. I’m blocked by him because I had the audacity to question a false premise he made once, but I digress.

He made this claim yesterday.

Weigel apparently resides in another universe. Keep in mind, his own paper pushed out near hourly conspiratorial rantings about Russia collusion from the moment Trump took office, only moving to Ukrainian trutherism when the well ran dry.

But you see, Weigel and his cohorts are the high-minded ones here. They wouldn’t dare gnaw on interesting conspiracy theories like those dirty right-wingers. Well, except for all this evidence to the contrary.

Want to hear something more hilarious? CNN’s Brian Stelter, who’s literally part of the montage above of the media pushing conspiracy theories retweeted Weigel’s post. I did say these people lack self-awareness, didn’t I?

Weigel’s outfit is certainly guilty, but Stelter’s network is basically Infowars for liberals. This is a man who kept a running calendar on Melania Trump “disappearing.” He pushed body double conspiracy theories. Stelter also ran with the Walter Reed story, bringing on a doctor to riff about how Trump probably had a heart attack.


Look, do some conservatives sometimes have suspicions about things they don’t have definitive proof of yet? Sure. That’s part of questioning government and there’s nothing wrong with that. But what’s ridiculous is having a mainstream media that will clutch their pearls over someone questioning the FBI but will then dive in conspiracy theories about the First Lady being abducted. These people need to look in the mirror because they are far more guilty of the same things they accuse others of.


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